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New World Fishing Guide

The unofficial guide to mastering fishing

Greetings Adventurer!

My name is Dynomega and I was commissioned by Grand Master Machera and some of the key members of the fishing guild to travel across Aeternum cataloging the different fish found in the waters of each region. Iíve taken it a step further and curated this unofficial fishing guide to share everything Iíve learned with you.

Fishing can be a very profitable skill when mastered. Both Cooking and Arcana utilize it here in our New World. There is also a frequent demand from the town project board for the skills of an angler. Luckily for us the waters are very generous, but to make the most out of Fishing you have to know the best kept secrets and strategies. This fishing guide will teach you everything Iíve learned.

All I ask for in return is if you come across someone having trouble, please share my fishing guide with them.

Thank you and happy fishing!


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