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New World Treasure Chests

Have a taste for the finer things?

How do you find Treasure Chests in New World?

Good news Angler, they can be fished up in any water type across Aeternum. From my experience, the very best places to get them is from fishing in Secret Fishing Hotspots using Rarity Boosting Baits. I was able to fish up over 100 treasure chests during my time in Open Beta, 100 more during closed beta, and over 500 in the live game. One secret hotspot rewarded me with 5 Treasure Chests back to back!

What kind of treasures are inside?

Treasure chests are packed to the brim with Coin, Ingots, and Gems! Unfortunately I did not find any ultra rare or super special loot from all that I opened during beta.

Each treasure chest will reward you with 25 - 50 Coins, 2 - 10 Ingots (Platinum, Gold and/or Silver) and 1 - 3 Gems (Tier 2 to Tier 5).

  • CoinsCoinsRemoved in patch 1.02
  • Platinum IngotsPlatinum IngotsUp to 6 per chest
  • Gold IngotsGold IngotsUp to 8 per chest
  • Silver IngotsSilver IngotsUp to 10 per chest
  • Pristine GemsPristine Gems T5<1%
  • Brilliant GemsBrilliant Gems T412% chance for 1
  • GemsGems T3Up to 3 per chest
  • Flawed GemsFlawed Gems T2Up to 3 per chest

Results were based on the data collected from opening 100 treasure chests. (Open beta video coming soon)

The loot was better in closed beta, below is a video of me opening 100 during closed beta.

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