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The Focus Attribute

The effects of Focus on Fishing

Is it worth it to stack Focus for Fishing?

Adding points to your Focus Attribute will unlock a number of bonuses along the way that will slightly affect fishing. These bonuses do not make or break fishing, they are minimal quality of life improvements at best. Here is what we get ...

  • 50 Focus

    +10% Fishing Line Tension

    This will make reeling in a little easier.
  • 100 Focus

    +10% Yield When Salvaging

    This means 10% more fish oils! Nice!
  • 150 Focus

    -10% Decrease Carry Weight of Fish

    Why? Carry weight of fish is already low.
  • 200 Focus

    +10% Fishing Line Tension

    This is a repeat of the 50 point bonus.
  • 250 Focus

    +10% Increase to Caught Fish Size

    A slight edge for when size matters.
  • 300 Focus

    No fishing bonus! *weeps*

    Did they forget about us?

Instead of something for Fishing at 300 the bonus is a -10% (6 minutes) reduction on your hour long Inn recall timer.

My thoughts of (and ideas for) the Fishing Focus bonuses ...

Obviously we are not seeing as much love here as some of the other gathering skills like mining and lumbering. We don't see any boosts for rarity, or any sort of chance for bait recovery. There is also no sort of chance for an instant catch, or multiple-fish catch. Another idea would be a way to speed up the respawning of hotspot pools if your fishing in the hotspot area when it is despawned. This would make fishing with other people more enjoyable and less competitive.

These ideas may sound a little wild, but you have to remember that we are talking about the 300 point bonus, the big one! Both mining and lumbering have a chance to instantly gather the nodes which I think is really cool! We need to see something equally great for Fishing, something to look forward to.

Healers got it made!

Not really ... unless we see some major changes to these attribute bonuses being a healer in New World and Fishing will be just a little bit easier then it is for everyone else. The rest of us will need to utilize toggling equipment or respecing for fishing trips if we want to take advantage of these bonuses. The fishing gear does not provide any Focus until you get to the Tier 5 set, which will be very hard to get early on.

Remember it is all about time efficiency!

Travel is the biggest time sink in New World so having an edge against it within the region is the biggest quality of life improvement you can make. For this very reason I recommend you carry a Hatchet when out on a fishing or gathering trip. The run speed boost you get from the extra point in berserk really helps cut down on the travel time between hotspots within the zone.

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