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What changes were made to the Fishing Guide?

  • Oct 10Water Depth updated on New World Fishing Guide & Fishing Cheat Sheet Water depth affects the time for a bite, a table outlining the ranges has been added to the how to fish in new world guide as well as updated on the cheatsheet.
  • Oct 10Hotspot Respawn Timers updated on Fishing Hotspots Respawn timers for all hotspots were increased and converted to ranges to match the data.
  • Oct 9Hotspot Water Type Updated on Hotspot Finder A few of the Reekwater hotspots were mismarked as Saltwater when they were actually Freshwater.
  • Sep 24Treasure chest loot updated on Treasure Chests Gold Ingot maximum raised to 8 (was 7). T5 pristine gem confirmed possible, just a very low chance. Credit to: Sairaph Crafts Everything
  • Sep 20 Added Hotspot Unlock Order page Hotspot Unlock Order.
  • Sep 19 Added an additional section to the Leveling Fishing Skill guide to outline the reasons why you should level your fishing skill.
  • Sep 19Fishing Quest Chain updated on Fishing Quests Reviewed and updated the fishing quest chain guide. Several small changes.
  • Sep 13Treasure Chest items changed on Treasure Chests Reduced drop rates on quality, reduced minimums on all.
  • Sep 13Legendary Fishing Poles changed on Fishing Equipment New art, new stats, also activated NWDB tooltips for legendary poles.
  • Sep 13Hotspot Respawn Timers changed on Fishing Hotspots & Fishing Cheat Sheet - Broad to 15 (was 20). Rare to 35 (was 30). Secret to 45 (was 40).
  • Sep 13Hotspot Fish Counts changed on Fishing Hotspots & Fishing Cheat Sheet - Confirmed fixed amounts, not ranges.
  • Sep 13Secret Hotspot Rarity changed on Fishing Hotspots & Fishing Cheat Sheet - Small chance to catch uncommon fish in secret hotspots.
  • Sep 13Watertype changed on Fish Locations & Fishing Cheat Sheet - All legendary fish can be caught in both water types.
  • Sep 5Salvage corrected on Fish Locations & Fishing Cheat Sheet - Oyster salvage loot was changed from Pearls (T3, T4 & T5) to Pearls (T4 & T5) - Guarantee. Credit to: Xyo
  • Aug 30Salvage corrected on Fish Locations & Fishing Cheat Sheet - Clam salvage loot was changed from Pearls (T3 & T4) to Pearls (T2 & T3). Credit to: @MalaZedik
  • Aug 30 Added changelog page so all the beautiful people out there can easily see what changes were made to this guide over time.
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