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Hotspot Unlock Order

Fishing Hotspots unlock in a predetermined order.

Which hotspot did I unlock?

Use the orange slider below to set your fishing skill level. The list of hotspots available to you will appear below. Select a hotspot to see a map, directions, and a list of possible fish you can catch inside.

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How to Use My Fishing Skill Level: 200
Recommended hotspots for this fish:
This fish has its own criteria, unselect fish to show other options.
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You have selected a common fish! You can only find common fish in open water and one star hotspots. View the Fish Locations list to see all regions this fish can be found in outside of hotspots.
You have selected an uncommon fish! Your best bet is Rare (2-star) or Broad (1-star) Hotspots. You might still occasionaly find them in Secret (3-star) Hotspots.
You have selected a rare fish! Your best bet is Secret (3-star) or Rare (2-star) Hotspots. You might still occasionaly find them in Broad (1-star) Hotspots.
You have selected a legendary fish! You can catch these in both water types, and each region has a unique one. All hotspots have a good chance, but Secret (3-star) and Rare (2-star) Hotspots are your best options. You can also catch these outside of hotspots, just like everything else.
Treasure chests can be found in any region, in any water type, in hotspots, and out. The best place to fish them up is in Secret Hotspots. Rare Hotspots are your second best option.
At Level 200 Fishing you will have access to these hotspots:
Click on a hotspot for a map & fish list. If you found this tool useful please share it with your friends.

Ebonscale Reach

Map Loading ...
You have a chance to catch these fish in this Hotspot:
  1. Mandje Mandje
  2. Treasure Chests
  3. Tadpole
  4. Salmon
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